Our All Natural Ricotta Cheese-Mama Rosie's uses the finest Natural Ricotta Cheese and Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese in all of our products.  Ricotta is a great source of quality Whey Protien, iron,  and calcium. 

Our Kneaded Dough is All Natural- Mama Rosie's sources our high quality Durum Flour from North Dakota one of the finest growing regions in the world.  The perfect balance of soil and temperature yields the best Durum wheat for making pasta. 

All Natural Egg Whites- Mama Rosie's uses Grade A Egg Whites that are lower in Cholesterol and make our dough and cheese filling light and fluffy.

Health Benefits - Mama Rosie's products are made from only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. We never use any preservatives, additives, or fillers in out pasta. What we have added to some of our pastas is flaxseed, and Omega 3.

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