All-Natural Is All Good At Mama Rosie's

April 01, 2010

Nick Sardo, the owner of Mama Rosie’s and grandson of namesake Rosina Cammarata Sardo,
believes that there is no secret to the success of Mama Rosie’s frozen pasta products. In fact, as
the person responsible for buying particular ingredients, Mr. Sardo shares that there is “no secret
ingredient” when it comes to making ravioli, Manicotti , and cavatelle that taste as good as
homemade, only a focus on getting good, all-natural ingredients.

“We keep it simple,” added Mr. Sardo, who deals directly with mills in North Dakota to
purchase the highest quality durum wheat available anywhere in the world. He is incredibly
cautious with his cheese ordering as well, noting that the “kinds of ricotta are endless in terms of
being good or bad, and romano is the same way.”

Mama Rosie's uses the optimum ratio of egg whites to extra fancy durum flour, which produces
the most consistent and appealing pasta. They combine these ingredients with whole milk
Ricotta cheese, 100% imported pecorino romano cheese, sea salt, and all-natural spices.
This commitment to all-natural ingredients is one of the company’s core strategies that it has
stayed true to, despite trying economic times that might make another company think about
cutting up their flour with bread crumbs or other fillers. With Mama Rosie’s, though, “we’re
always thinking about how to do things better, and that’s what motivates us,” offered Mr. Sardo.
It is this kind of thinking that has encouraged Mr. Sardo to utilize additional all-natural
ingredients that stay true to Mama Rosie’s recipes while improving overall taste quality and
nutritional benefits, and avoiding preservatives, additives and fillers. Sea salt, for example, is
something that Mr. Sardo made the switch to about ten years ago, which allows for premium
taste at a reduced sodium level.

In addition to watching sodium levels, Mama Rosie’s has made other, all-natural additions that
have improved the overall nutritional content of their pastas. SoyLife™ soy protein has been
added to Mama Rosie’s cheese lasagna, spinach and cheese manicotti, spinach and cheese
ravioli, and low-fat ravioli since around 2001. This soy protein is made naturally from the germ
of the soybean, which is a tiny portion of the seed where large amounts of beneficial nutrients are
stored. Soy germ is the highest natural source of soy isoflavones and also contains more than 40
other nutrients. Some of the health benefits believed to be attributed to soy protein include:
antioxidant properties, cancer risk-reducing properties, cardiovascular benefits, possible
cholesterol reduction, reduced risk of osteoporosis, reduction of menopausal symptoms, and
aging benefits, including the prevention of damage caused by free radicals, which are believed to
be responsible for aging and age-related forms of disease.

Mama Rosie’s also includes flaxseed in some of their pasta offerings, which contains Omega 3
oils, lignans, and fiber. Flaxseed and Omega 3 have been clinically proven to have a positive
impact on energy and vitality, reducing the threat of blood clots, protecting against cancer
(particularly hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate), lowering blood cholesterol
levels and high blood pressure, increasing metabolic rates (which positively impacts weight
management), and helping to ease blood sugar levels.

Additionally, Mama Rosie’s is proud that their pasta is a great source of calcium, fiber, folic
acid, iron and protein.

In 2006, Mama Rosie’s introduced another healthy choice to its list of product offerings: Low
Fat Ravioli. Made with a special combination of whole grains, the highest quality durum flour,
and farro, an Italian grain that is naturally high in fiber, contains significantly more protein than
wheat, and is higher in B complex vitamin and simple and complex carbohydrates, one serving
offers five grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein packed into only 210 delicious calories.
Whole grains have recently been gaining in appreciation for their healthy contributions to a wellbalanced
diet. Benefits of whole grain, according to recent research, include a reduced risk of
high cholesterol and heart disease, an increase in insulin sensitivity and fat burning, a lower
glycemic impact, and improved colon health.

Mama Rosie’s plans to introduce more products featuring whole grains in the near future.

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