Mama Rosie came to this country from Italy in 1908. Her delicious home-style pasta recipes have been passed down through the generations. Today we proudly produce the same authentic, great tasting pasta products that our grandmother made.

"EXCELLENCE In QUALITY" for over 35 years our family has been working diligently to make Mama Rosie's the number one selling Frozen Ravioli in the North East. Our Premium Pasta is manufactured on machines that simulate "Authentic Hand Rolled" pasta. This Authentic method is achieved when the pasta dough is mixed, kneaded and stretched through rollers to develop the unique texture of Hand Rolled pasta.  Other frozen ravioli dough’s are produced via Extrusion. Extruded dough forces the pasta through dies to shape the dough at high pressures and temperature.  The extrusion process strips the dough of its light delicate textures and home-style taste.

Our products contain only the highest quality, all natural ingredients, with that wholesome home cooked taste. Please enjoy all of our filled pasta products - Cheese Ravioli, Tortellini, Cheese Manicotti, Stuffed Shells, as well as our Ricotta Cavatelle, Potato Gnocchi, and our great tasting entrees.

"From Mama's kitchen to your table." Mama Rosie's Frozen Pasta is always an easy home cooked meal.  Great home-style taste; that delivers a great source of calcium, fiber, folic acid, iron and protein...

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